Biography in englisch

Born in Nordhausen Alemania I lived in Essen, Wietze near Celle and Gauting surroundings of  Munich.  Since 1980 I’m living in Sant Cugat del Vallés near Barcelona – Spain.
Artistic formation in : Volkshochschule Munich : painting and sculpture and a special bavarian way of painting – ” Hinterglasmalerei”. 
15 year of clases in pottery, sculpture and painting in the artschool Escuela de Arte de Sant Cugat del Vallés.

Member of the artistgroup FIRART

Painting Technology : airbrush , acrylic and oil colors, Watercolour painting mixed technology , collage, monotypes  and working with wax .
My themes are inspired from nature like the Ginkgo biloba leafe or the reflects modern human life within an industrial surrounding.


Exhibition of Pottery, sculpture and paintings.

Participation in colective  expositions of the artschool,  the agrupation Firart

and in the yearly art copetions from institutions like BMW  ,  Honda,

premi Richard Cami and los Balconadas de Betanzo.


1988 – 1989Collective exhibition of paintings and textil collage.
in the artgalery BURG in Burghausen (Alemania)
Juny    1991  Individual exhibition of pottery
interpretation od the GINGKO BILOBA  leaf in the artgalery of the cinema  SAVOY-.
Des.    1991           Collective exhibition of paintings
artgalery of cinema SAVOY-.
1988 – 1997           Participation in the exhibition of works at course end
of the  artschool.
1998  Participation in the collective exhibition of the works from the sculpture class in the rooms of the association Club Muntanyenc.
Abril    1999Individual Exhibition of monotypes and mixed technology on diferents supports
(Title : People)
Rooms of the association Club Muntanyenc.
Juny    1999  Participation in the artmarket of the association 
l’Esbart Sant Cugat.
Abril     2000  Individual Exhibition of pottery, sculpture and paintings title human silhouettes
artschool of  Manresa.
Des.    2000           Participation in the collective painting exhibition
Title : artists  of the century XX
Rooms of the association Club Muntanyenc. 
Aug .   2000Accecit in the painting competion of
 las Balconadas de Betanzos
Abril    2001Participation in the collective exhibition of little formats in the artgalery Espai Gorina in
Sant Cugat del Vallés
            Juli     2002Exhibition of a wallpainting (2m x 6m)
in the medical center of  Vilanova i la Geltru 
Aug..   2002 Publication of paintings in the newpaper  El Triangle  El Triangle 
Jun.    2007            Collective exhibition of artists from  Mendoza (Argentina) and  artists from Terrassa 
Feb.   2008Participation in the collective exhibition of  paintings from the members of FIRART  the theme :  Colors.
Apr.    2008Exhibition of paintings and Pottery together with the artists Gemma Navarro and Begoña Valcárcel in the Artgalery Marina Art in Gata de Gorgos (Valencia)  
Apr.    2008Participation in art competition in  Beaux-Arts de Beziers BEZIERS

Other activities:

1991 – 1994            Design of parfum boxes for the company PIPER BETTLE.

1995 – 1996            Design of curtain rod ends in high burnt pottery for the swiss company MARON. The designs were exposed on the Frankfurtes fairmass  of interiorisme january 1996.